Classroom Innovation Grant

The California Educational Research Association (CERA) sponsors competitive Classroom Innovation Grant Awards. The purpose of the Classroom Innovation Grant is to fund projects that enrich learning for students and encourage classroom innovation in any content area.

Applications that focus on the following areas will be given special consideration:

  • Increasing collaboration among educators
  • Implementation of rigorous standards and instruction in diverse classroom settings
  • Improving engagement with students, parents, or members of the school community
  • Increasing attention to cultural competence
  • Using formative and/or interim assessment information to improve teaching and learning

The CERA Board has authorized up to $7,500 annually for the Classroom Innovation Grant Award program.  One Classroom Innovation Grant Award will be presented each year for the following grade spans: 1) Pre-K -Elementary, 2) Middle School, and 3) High School.  Each grade span award may not exceed $2,500. The definition of classroom may be considered any learning environment.  Projects will be funded for a maximum of 18 months.

CERA membership is not required to apply for this grant opportunity.

The submission window is now closed – Please check back soon for updates!

Congratulations to our 2017 Recipients

Suisun Valley K-8 Edible Schoolyard
Stacy Burke & Jas Wright-Suisun Valley School, Fairfield-Suisun Valley Unified School District

Suisun Valley K-8 Edible Schoolyard serves to meet the needs of the Suisun Valley’s agriculture community.  The Agri-Science program is an innovative approach to teaching the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In addition to teaching and reinforcing state science standards, the goal of the Agri-Science program is to teach K-8 students where their food comes from, how it is grown and produced, and the vital role that agriculture plays in their everyday lives. The plan for Suisun Valley K-8 Agri-Science Program includes a cooking/science demonstration station, completing our concept of the Edible Schoolyard. Currently, students plant, tend and harvest their crops throughout the school year. They create healthy recipes, building on nutrition information they are learning. Unfortunately, whole-class learning stops there due to a lack of a student-centered food preparation area. Suisun Valley K-8 students needs a kitchen to call their own!  Instead of watching a teacher demonstration, an outdoor kitchen will allow all students in a class to have hands-on experience with cleaning, peeling, chopping, slicing, boiling, braising-and all manner of cooking experiences. They will take these lessons home and carry them throughout their lives.


Students Develop Solutions for Local Water Based Community Challenge!
Charlene Griesner – Fairmont Elementary School, Sanger Unified School District

Student teams will tackle a water-based challenge for our local farmers such as irrigation methods, irrigation automation, sustainability (aquaponics or hydroponics), drought, or watershed management (aquifers, harvesting).  Students will work alongside mentors from Irrigation Matters as they install technology for monitoring and measuring water on a 2 acre farm. Dr. Athanasios Alexandrou and a group of students from CSU Fresno’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology will bring out equipment and tech to demonstrate enhancement of technologies that can be used in the farm field as well as the battlefield. Called “crop scouting,” these systems feature the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) and mobile robots to gather visual information and perform specialized tasks.  Teams of students will conduct a research project that uses at least one sensor with Arduino (programmable circuit board) to collect data. Teams will then use the results of their projects to implement the Engineering Design Process and develop an Arduino-based prototype using industrial grade CAD (computer-aided design software) along with a 3D printer to create a product that addresses one local community agriculture water challenges.


Entrepreneurship Mindset
Greg Fisher, HArts Academy of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District

Entrepreneurship Mindset is a student success project that inspires and engages students with the perseverance and determination of an entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed academically and in life. Working in peer groups, students identify a problem to be solved, determine what they already know, what they need to know, and how and where to access new information that may lead to the resolution of the problem. The goals of the project include providing a rich opportunity for students to learn how to create a Start-Up company or non-profit, to develop creative and critical thinking skills, and to improve overall student performance as they have a real-life experience as entrepreneurs. As students are placed in a collaborative setting, they will cultivate the necessary skills and knowledge to develop an original product or service with an accompanying professional business plan, and make a presentation to community participants (business and education professionals) at a business convention. The final culminating event of the project is the Business Convention where we rent out a large room on the local university and invite local venture capitalists, business executives, corporate advisers, and educational professionals who act as judges and assess the students work.


Past Award Recipients


Susan Barkdoll,  Next Generation Students in Science-“Make it so!” 

John Bautista, ED Talks 

Karen McDaniels, Raise and Release