CERA Lifetime Achievement Award

The California Educational Research Association Lifetime Achievement Award honors members who, in the course of their professional careers, have made genuine contributions to the field of education in the areas of research, assessment, practice and/or policy.

Congratulations to our 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Sue Burr.

Past Award Recipients

2016 Carl Cohn 2006 Jeannie Oakes
2015 Dr. Mark Wilson 2005 Bill Padia
2014 Kenji Hakuta 2004 Richard Shavelson
2013 Michael Kirst 2003 Dale Carson
2012 Brian Stecher 2002 Ted Bartell
2011 Linda Darling Hammond 2001 Tej Pandy
2010 Pat McCabe 2000 John Martois
2009 Wendy Yen 1999 Alex Law
2008 Jamal Abedi  1998 Eva Baker
2007 Edward Haertel